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Eternal Phoenix guild meeting, 8pm server time January 7 2011.

Kryptonwind, Jan 8, 11 11:36 PM.
Greetings fellow guild members. Below is a summary of our recent guild meeting, including the new ranks, guild policies and upcoming activities. Please feel free to add your own comments, and ask an overlord if you have any questions.


- Overlord (Pezza, Soulsy, Mandy, Synnarael, Plague)
- Raid leader
- Events officer
- Winners
- Raider
- Member
- Alt
- Trial member

Raid leaders will be responsible for:
- Choosing which guild members are taken on raids.
- Working with said members to determine which raids, times and durations suit everyone.
- Rotating guild members between groups to ensure everyone eligible is given a chance.
- Coordinating and leading fights.
- Access and hand out flasks and other supplies from the guild bank (this may include allowing temporary guild bank repairs).
- Maintain order amongst raid groups - everyone is welcome to present ideas but the leader has the final word.
- Recruiting public raiders into the guild.
- Reporting to overlords on raid progress.

The leader will have to do their research on the raids they take part in, and be able to explain to the group how to operate as a whole. Individual raid participation, however, remains the responsibility of the individual. Overlord Pezza warns that those who do not learn their class or fights properly, and are just looking for gear, are likely to be excluded from raids. Those who do not make it into a raid group for a certain week are welcome to find a public group for it. Those who are placed on standby still have a chance of raiding with the group, if someone drops out. If you are interested in apply to be a raid leader, apply to an overlord.

Events officers will be responsible for:
- Organising the guild’s logistics and various in-game events.
- Accessing supplies in the guild bank, keeping items flowing through and auctioning unused items (the profit will be put back into the bank).
- Adding a further element of fun to the game by organising quests, tournaments, gatherings etc.
- Overseeing guild interaction and providing rewards for contribution.
- Coordinating lower level (under 85) guild runs of classic dungeons and raids etc.
- Reporting to overlords.

The goal of an events officer is to “bring a bit of fun into the game” and give the lower level characters a chance to involve themselves with the guild. These events may also include classic, Burning Crusade or Wrath of the Lich King dungeons and raids, but also creating our own “quests“, hosting tournaments (fishing, duelling etc). Working towards non-level 85 guild achievements will also be a focus of events officers.

Winners are:
- Another new rank intended to reward those who contribute to the guild beyond what is expected of them.
- Voted for by guild members on the Eternal Phoenix website.
- Granted access to guild bank repairs and other banked items of value.
- Allowed their rank only temporarily (probably a week) and cannot be voted in twice.
- Rewarded and selected at the discretion of the overlords, who are themselves excluded from the voting process.

The current recruiting system will also be revised. New recruits will be assigned the rank of  trial member. Their interaction and contribution to the guild will be assessed over a certain period of time (possibly a week). Once they have proven themselves they will be promoted to a full member. This trial period should be explained to any recruits before inviting them to the guild.

When recruiting lower level players, they are expected to be able to level independently for at least their trial period. Once they are a full member, other guild members are welcome to help them, but keep this in mind when recruiting. When recruits reach higher levels, the guild will help with instance runs and gearing.

Another guideline for recruiting is age - the guild is looking for mature players over the age of 18, however this may be revised soon. Current members under 18 will not be removed - this is just a guide for future recruiting. Overlord Soulsy adds; “We don’t want the immature little cock wads who come in the guild to ninja everything from the bank and are absolute toss pots”. Sums it up pretty well. People who are known to guild members and have an adequate maturity level will be kept, those who are neither will not be.

At the rank of member, you must be on at least once a month unless the character is an alt and has been determined to be so. Names of alts must be stated, in character notes, on the guild website, or otherwise. If players are inactive for a month without notification, they will be removed. Players who are absent with a legitimate reason (holidays, study, work etc) and advise the guild leaders accordingly will not be removed.

We are slowly working towards replacing Northrend items with Cataclysm ones, to ensure the guild bank is kept current, active and useful for all guild members (this will be a role of an events officer). Everyone is also encouraged to be more active in providing materials for the crafters to use for other members. However, those caught abusing their bank privileges will be reported to a Blizzard GM. This has occurred in the past with a former guild member who stole from the bank and consequently was met with an untimely death.

The second-from-bottom tab will be set up exclusively for Cataclysm materials. These will be used only by guild crafters to make armor, enchants, gems or other items for other guild members. More valuable materials including chaos orbs will be kept for important patterns. The distribution of these and other rare materials will be on the agenda next meeting.

Those with high-level professions are encouraged to make the most of them and craft as many items as possible for the benefit of the guild. At the same time, players with gathering professions are encouraged to use those in conjunction with the crafters to get the job done faster. Soulsy said that Runningbear had helped him kill beasts for skinning so they could craft an item quicker - which cost both of them nothing. Also, don’t sit on huge amounts of gold which could be put to good use with the guild. Pezza adds; “I understand having a bit of personal wealth but if we’re all working together with gemming and enchanting, you don’t need all that much gold.”

Our current channel is rented and paid for by Glowingmoon (Thanks Glowingmoon).
We are looking at purchasing our own channel, and considering the various payment options. Ideas for organising our own channel are welcomed in the Eternal Phoenix forum, and will likely be on the agenda for the next guild meeting.

The next guild meeting is scheduled for 8.30pm server time, Monday January 17. Attendance is mandatory and new ideas are welcomed.

For the Alliance!
Crusader Kryptonwind

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mumblebee, Nov 2, 10 6:51 AM.
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